The Slow Coach

The Slow Coach Approach is for leaders who want to increase their Interpersonal Return On Investment, thereby making a consistently positive difference to staff and to those their enterprise serves. By covering these nine essential aspects of leadership that may seem familiar, developing them further and taking them together you have the possibility of significantly increasing your IROI.

The Slow Coach Approach

With the Slow Coach Approach you can increase your IROI, Your Interpersonal Return on
Investment, by:


Heartfelt Listening, listening as the ultimate skill and superpower.


Powerful Communication, how tone and tempo lead to creating good productive


Intentional Wellbeing, managing stress by improving wellbeing for yourself and others.


Good Questions, Using Questions to explore topics and shape helpful conversations.


Authentic Purpose, Uplifting the workplace by being more conscious of individual
and work purposes.


Conscious Harmony, creating harmony by reducing discord.


Multiple Perspectives, Having the flexibility of mind to move beyond habitual perception and thought.             


Unique people, relating to and bringing out the best in individual people.


Welcome advice, deciding if, when and how to offer advice.


Judy Barber

Judy Barber is an author, presenter, coach and workshop leader. She loves sharing experience and expertise, and joining dots between natural wellness, personal development, person-centered spirituality, ecological awareness and incredibly good plant-based food. Judy nourishes potential and creativity and inspires positive change.

Books Published

“A smart and practical guide to harnessing the power of slow in a world too fast for its own good.”

Carl Honore, Author of In Praise of Slow TED Talk 1: Slow

Gerard O’Donovan

“The Slow Coach Approach is exactly what today’s business leaders need, helping them understand
the importance of heartfelt listening and treating people with kindness, compassion and empathy. A unique, effective and much needed approach to the world of coaching and growing leaders.”

Founder and CEO of Noble Manhattan.

Gib Bulloch

“A timely little gem of a book in which Judy Barber explains why ‘Slowly doesn’t need to come at the expense of speed’. It provides a rich set of ideas, tools and insights from her coaching presented in a
highly accessible way.  A Must read for the over-achieving busy business executive.”

Founder of Craigberoch Business Decelerator

Ann Latham

“Settle into The Slow Coach Approach and you will emerge a better person. Judy’s way of discussing
what may seem like familiar topics is different – it’s like being dipped in respect and calm. How she did that without succumbing to fluffiness is beyond me. I particularly like the Ambitious Affirmations in each chapter. What a simple and wonderful device to elevate our intentions and behaviour!”

Author of The Power of Clarity and The Disconnect Principle